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Never wonder about what's going on at home.

Get Peace of Mind With Security Cameras.

Why Invest in Security Cameras?

A video surveillance system is a logical extension to your home security system.  Statistics show 83% of burglars determine if a home has a security camera before attempting to break-in.  EMC Security makes it easy to determine the best camera for your needs - whether you want to keep intruders away or just check on your home and family from your smart-phone.  

Our options include:

  • Integrated indoor and outdoor security cameras

  • Video doorbells to answer your door from the kitchen or across town

  • Fantastic DVR video surveillance camera system from Flir.  

Want to deter intruders?  Want to see what your kids are doing at home?  Are you anxious about your pet when you are away?  Wish you could see activity around your yard, pool, out-building, or garage? 

EMC Security has an option for you!

Image for Why Invest in Security Cameras? Security Cameras

Home security camera systems enhance your security system by recording live video of people, objects, valuables, and more, both inside and outside your home. indoor and outdoor cameras seamlessly integrate with your security system and the latest in smart-home technology through the mobile app. From the app, installed on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can access security video from up to 6 cameras, receive alerts and clips of motion detected, and control your alarm system, lights, locks, and thermostats. 

Peace of Mind - Home or Away

  1. Watch live video from anywhere
    • Get HD quality with crystal clear video.  View multiple locations on the same screen
  2. Continuous recording
    • Capture 24/7 HD recording with secure remote video streaming accessible from anywhere.  Schedule recordings when a door opens or the alarm goes off.
  3. Indoor camera has two-way audio to speak and listen to whoever is on the other end.  
  4. Get video alerts instantly
    • Get instant video clips from home - alarm activity, children coming home from school, the dog walker arriving - of what matters to you most.
  5. Stay protected with tamper-proof, off-site video storage
    • Store 1,000 clips


Camera Specs Security Cameras

Doorbell Video Cameras

Video doorbells allow you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door whether you’re in your kitchen or across town.  You can easily keep track of visitors to the home, package or mail delivery, or loved ones coming and going from the house.  The smart-phone apps make it easy to customize your video doorbell to your needs.  

The Skybell® integrates with the app to control your doorbell camera, security, and other automated features such as locks, lights, and thermostat from one convenient smart-phone app.  

  • Two-way voice

  • Motion sensor activated

  • Full color night vision

  • On demand monitoring - it's always on

  • Silent Mode Option

Video doorbells come with free installation at the time of security system install!

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Flir DVR/NVR Camera Solutions

If your needs require a more vigorous home surveillance camera system, EMC Security has a terrific selection of Flir cameras that aim to please.  Flir cameras are among the most dependable cameras on the market, designed for those who want to keep an eye on things with exceptional, high definition live streaming video and on-site storage. 

With efficient and dependable recording and review options, homeowners can stay connected to what’s going on at home from anywhere in the world. 

In order to determine the best Flir camera system for your particular needs, contact EMC Security to schedule a free quote.  

Camera Specs

Flir DVR/NVR Camera Solutions

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