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Get Help Anytime With the Press of a Button

EMC Medical Alert products are designed specifically for people who may find themselves in a situation where they are in need of assistance but do not have access to a phone.  Our emergency alert systems give the user the ability to call for help simply by pressing a button. 

With two options to suit your needs, EMC Medical Alert has something for everyone:

Mobile Active Alert Button Powered by Belle:

The Active Alert Button, a completely mobile emergency alert button powered by Belle®, uses the AT&T 3G network to go where you go, so you are free to enjoy your active lifestyle at home - or away from home - with reassurance that help is just a touch of a button away. 

In-Home Medical Alert:

The In-Home Medical Alert is the best voice-to-voice medical emergency alert response anywhere.  This system is perfect for those who stay mostly at home, yet want to remain independent.  

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Get Help Anytime With the Press of a Button

Mobile Active Alert Button

In response to the growing demand for emergency technology that does not require a home telephone line, EMC Security is happy to introduce the Active Alert Button powered by Belle®.  

Belle is a small, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear mobile personal emergency response system that enables users to break free from landline-based systems that only work in and around the home. Simple to use, compact, and shower-safe, the Belle features built-in 2-way voice communication and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge.

Belle users can do what they love, with the confidence of knowing they can press one button to get help at home and away, anywhere in the US where there is AT&T 3G coverage.  Enjoy your active lifestyle; go to the park, the grocery store, visiting friends, yoga class, anywhere that you can get cell coverage, with reassurance that if you need it, help is just a touch of a button away.  

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In-Home Medical Alert

For those that stay mostly at home, the In-Home Pendant is a terrific option.  This emergency pendant allows you to communicate your needs directly, instantly, and efficiently via voice-to-voice communication inside your home.   

Push one button, from anywhere in your home to put you in direct, voice-to-voice contact to a certified, 24-hour emergency response technician. It’s that easy.

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In-Home Medical Alert

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