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Home Security Systems - Your Way

When purchasing a new security system, you can schedule a professional security technician to install it, or you can purchase a DIY system and install it yourself.  With either option, our security consultants can help you decide the system that's right for you.


  • We'll customize and install the system that's perfect for your home and needs.
  • If you already have a system in your home that needs updating, we'll help with that too. 
  • All our systems are fully serviced by our highly trained security technicians and service representatives.


  • Our most affordable systems with complete home protection and automation features.  
  • Easy to install with technology so advanced if you can hang a picture, you can do this.

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Buy Security Your Way

We think everyone should be able to feel safe at home, so we give our customers payment options.


We do not require customers to sign a monitoring contract.  If you move or change services, you can cancel at any time with no penalties or fees. This option requires payment for the system at the time of purchase. 


Many customers choose to finance their security system purchase over a 24-month period.  But unlike other security companies, once the term is complete, we do not continue to charge you each month.  Your payment will be reduced to the monitoring costs only, which could be a significant savings.  

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Mobile Controls

Have you ever left your house and wondered if you armed your system, turned off a light, or turned down the costly air conditioning or heating? How about when you can't remember locking the front door, or closing the garage doors? Have you ever wondered what you're teenage kids are doing when you're not home?  

With our mobile app, you have access to these conveniences from anywhere in the world.

  • Arm & disarm your security system

  • View live video of your children or pets

  • Control door locks and who comes and goes 

  • Receive text notifications from EMC Security when your alarm is triggered

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Protect Your Home with Smart Security

Peace of Mind with Cameras

Statistics show 83% of burglars determine if a home has a security camera before attempting to break-in.  EMC Security makes it easy to determine the best camera for your needs - whether you want to keep intruders away or just check on your home from your mobile phone.  

Smart-Home Automation

Using the most advanced security technology available, you can connect the key systems in your home, such as lights, locks, thermostats and more, giving you responsive automation and convenient control - using your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world!

DIY Self-Install Option

Get smart security you can trust with our most affordable home security system, you set up yourself.  With EMC Security, you're never on your own.  Our easy set-up, DIY Self-Install Security System uses our award winning 24/7 professional monitoring and full-service, local support.  

Switch to EMC Security and Save

Every month, homeowners transfer service from another provider to EMC Security in search of better customer service and a lower monthly rate. If your home has a security system, it is very likely we can reprogram it to communicate with our monitoring centers.  


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