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Transfer service from another provider to EMC Security

We Can Monitor Your System

Every month, hundreds of homeowners transfer service from another provider to EMC Security in search of better customer service, faster response times and a lower monthly rate. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use the same company that installed your system for monitoring services.  If your home is already equipped with a security system, it is very likely that EMC Security can reprogram the existing system to communicate with our monitoring centers. Comforted by EMC Security’s no contract service, our customers understand that if we don’t live up to their expectations, there is no obligation to continue the service. We are proud to earn our customers business through our service every day.

We Can Monitor Your System


 What is the cost monthly monitoring?


 Monitoring starts at just $16.95/mo for telephone line and Wi-Fi.  Cell connection is just $23.95/mo. 


 What's the length of the agreement?


 As long as you want!  EMC Security was built on a no contract, low cost service standard and we have adhered to this since our inception. 


 What is included in monitoring cost?


 Intrusion, medical alert, fire alarm, duress, flood detection, and even power failure.  


 Who actually does the monitoring? 


 EMC Security has two UL listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified, fully redundant monitoring centers in 2 different geographical locations for the highest level of protection.  


 Is the security control panel data locked? 


 No. Our equipment is non-proprietary.  We offer a wide variety of equipment and are one of just a few Honeywell Authorized Security Dealers, held to the highest level of standards.  


 How are customer and technical issues handled after hours?


 EMC Security is well known for personal, live customer service each and every time you call.  Our service department and monitoring centers are available 24/7.


 Who will be entering my home from EMC Security?


 EMC Security has strict employee standards.  All our professionals pass drug tests and background checks.  Technicians are highly trained on equipment and installation.  


 Do you offer remote services?


 Yes. We offer cutting edge control with your smart-phone, from anywhere.


 Can I add to more technology?


 Of course!  Extra equipment can be added to your security system at any time.  Additionally, we are pioneers in the home automation industry offering automated locks, lighting, thermostats, and more!  



 Do you accept automated credit card payments?


 Yes.  We offer a variety of payment options that would fit your lifestyle.  If you are a Jackson, Walton or GreyStone Power customer, you can opt for payment on your electric bill.


As a part of our process of activating an existing security system, our customers will receive:

  • A Full System Diagnostic

  • Reprogramming of the System to Communicate to EMC Security Monitoring Centers

  • Full System Communications Test

  • Panel Battery Replacement if Necessary

  • Homeowner Training on Full System Operation

  • Yard Signs and Window Decals


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Common security systems that EMC Security can takeover and monitor

Here are some common security systems that EMC Security can takeover and monitor (this is only a partial list – contact EMC Security if you don’t see your system on this list or if you are unsure what type of system you have):

  • 2 GIG
  • Ademco V10SE
  • Ademco V20SE
  • Ademco 4110DL
  • Ademco 4110XM
  • Ademco 4120EC
  • Ademco 4120XM
  • Ademco 4140XM
  • Ademco 4140XMP
  • Ademco 4150
  • Ademco 4152
  • Ademco Lynx
  • Ademco Readyguard
  • Ademco VIA-30
  • Ademco Vista-128B
  • Ademco Vista-10P
  • Ademco Vista-15P
  • Ademco Vista-20P
  • Ademco V20-HW
  • Ademco Vista-50P
  • Caddx NX-6
  • Caddx NX-4
  • Caddx NX-8
  • Caddx NX-8E
  • DMP panels
  • DSC PC1150
  • DSC PC1500
  • DSC PC1550
  • DSC PC1555
  • DSC PC 1575
  • DSC PC2000
  • DSC PC2500
  • DSC PC2525
  • DSC PC2530
  • DSC PC2550
  • DSC PC3000
  • DSC PC4020
  • DSC PC500
  • DSC PC5010 Power 832
  • DSC PC5020
  • DSC PC550
  • DSC PC1616
  • DSC PC1832
  • DSC PC1864
  • DSC Envoy
  • DSC 9045
  • DSC 9047
  • First Alert FA120C
  • First Alert FA145C
  • First Alert FA1600C
  • First Alert FA148CP
  • First Alert FA168CP
  • First Alert 168CPS
  • GE systems
  • Honeywell Series Panels (All)
  • Interlogix
  • ITI Concord
  • ITI Concord Express
  • ITI Simon
  • ITI Simon XT
  • ITI Commander 2000
  • Lynx
  • Lynx 3000
  • Lynx 5000
  • Lynx 5100
  • L5200
  • L5210
  • Safewatch Pro2000
  • Safewatch Pro3000
  • UTC


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