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Do-It-Yourself Security Now Available!

You Install...We Do The Rest


Why DIY Self-Install?

DIY Self-Install Security Systems are the hottest security products on the market today.  EMC Security's is one of the best.  

  • Affordable, high quality, Honeywell system
  • Fast, easy installation in minutes
  • Smart security, and home automation features that will expand with your needs 
  • Designed for professional monitoring

With EMC Security's award winning service and local tech support, you're never on your own, like you'd be purchasing a security kit from a "big-box store".  If you need help, our technicians are just down the street and can offer service when you need it most. Don't trust your home and family's safety to anyone but a professional security company you can trust.  

“Simple install, peace of mind knowing our home is monitored securely.”  Edward W.

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What's Included in the Self-Install System?

Keypad/Base Station (1)What's Included in the Self-Install System?

The brains of your system, the full-color, touchscreen keypad simplifies operations with graphics, icons and large text.  An optional two-way voice feature lets you communicate with the central station to ensure the proper response if an alarm signal is received. 

  • Wi-Fi or cellular communication
  • Hub of your smart-home technology
  • Connect lights, locks, & thermostats for easy home automation


Door/Window Sensors (3)What's Included in the Self-Install System?

Wireless device that detects the opening and closing of your door or window.  

  • Place one at each exterior entry door
  • For extra protection, place on each ground-level window



Motion Detector (1)What's Included in the Self-Install System?

Passive, infrared motion sensor detects motion inside your home.  

  • Place in the main living area of your home for maximum protection




Key Fob (1)What's Included in the Self-Install System?

Wireless remote that arms and disarms your system

  • Perfect for adults that want the convenience of pushing a single button to disarm the system while carrying young children or groceries into the house
  • Also great for anyone that might have difficulty remembering the disarm code



Yard Signs (2) and Stickers (4)What's Included in the Self-Install System?

  • Place a yard sign in the front and back of your house to tell potential intruders that your home is protected by a security system.
  • Stickers should go on windows, doors, or anywhere needed to scare off a burglar. 

Optional Add-Ons

Cellular Communicator ($149 plus $7 additional per month)

The self-install system communicates with our central station from your wi-fi.  Add a cellular communicator (the same technology your mobile phone uses) for even greater protection.   


Two-way voice keypad (no additional cost)

Speak directly with our central station operator in the event of an alarm activation


Mobile App Control ($5 additional per month)

Control your security system and any home automation devices connected to it from anywhere in the world, directly from your mobile device.

  • Set up auto-controls to arm/disarm your system at specific times of day
  • Receive notifications anytime the system is disarmed
  • And more!


Smart-home Automation Devices 

Connect your vital home systems to the self-install hub to automate and control them all from the touch display (and/or mobile app).  

  • Security
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Thermostats


Security Cameras

Choose from EMC Security's indoor and outdoor security cameras and video doorbells for even great protection of your home and everything you love inside.  


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FAQ's About the DIY Self-Install System

What is included in the self-install system?

The kit includes everything you need to keep your home protected: a wireless panel, 3 door/window sensors, a motion detector, a key fob, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Can I add equipment and options to my self-install system?

The following options are available: - Additional sensors and motion detectors - Fire and carbon monoxide (installation required) - Cell network connection - Home automation - Video cameras

How much does monitoring cost?

Monitoring starts at just $16.95/mo. Our professional monitoring central stations are CSAA 5-Diamond certified and work simultaneously 24/7 for the highest level of dual protection.

What is the length of the agreement?

As long as you want! We do not require contracts so if you choose our no-contract option, you are in control of how long you wish to monitor your system.

Can I control it with my phone?

Yes! This system is ideal as a hub for all interactive services including alarm activation, cameras, and smart-home controls.

Is the control panel data locked?

Unlike other popular self-install systems on the market, our equipment is portable and non-proprietary. If you move, take it with you!

What if I need help on installation?

We designed the kit to be as easy to install as possible. You will receive written instructions and a video guide but if you need help, we are just a phone call away.

Is customer service and tech support available?

EMC Security has the highest quality customer service and technical support professionals located right here in Suwanee, GA. Unlike other DIY systems, once the purchase is made, you are not alone. If you need help, just give us a call.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

The Self-Install System comes with EMC Security's award winning 24/7 professional monitoring, starting at just $16.95 per month, and among the most affordable in Georgia. 

And EMC Security is the only security company to offer Secure Path™ technology to help protect your home and loved ones.  With Secure Path™ technology, your alarm signal is sent simultaneously to multiple, separately staffed, UL listed, CSAA Five-Diamond Certified central stations, where a highly trained operator will always be available to offer assistance in an emergency. 

Other companies transfer signals from one station to another if one is busy - monitoring from one station at a time.  With EMC Security, your home and loved ones are protected with assistance in an average of 14 seconds.  


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24/7 Professional Monitoring

Our Customers Tell the Story

“We had called other companies, but they didn't seem interested in our business. Very surprised with quality of the system we got for the price paid. Very professional system! EMC is an A company. I will recommend you to anyone that asks.” R.S. - Marietta


"I have been a customer for 6 years and “never ever ever ever ever….” had any issues with EMC. They are always prompt to answer the phone and ready to assist 24/7 and I love the customer service they provide. I insist that they are by far the best security company I have ever had!"  M.R. - Atlanta


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