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Is the Do-It-Yourself (Self Install) Security System Right For You?

You Install...We Do The Rest!

Our DIY Self Install security system is the most flexible, convenient, and cost effective wireless system in the industry.  It is also the exact same high quality, Honeywell system installed by EMC Security professionals, with complete 24/7 monitoring for burglary and medical emergencies.  

  • Customized and preprogrammed for your home complete with all the tools you need to install correctly.

  • Save money on the cost of installation! We'll provide you with easy to follow directions and video tutorial for step by step installation instructions.

  • Wireless connection through the internet or cell network.

  • Secure Path monitoring technology to connect your home to our fail-safe, central monitoring station here in Suwanee, Georgia and our simultaneously monitored monitoring center in Gainesville, Florida. 

  •  Interactive service capabilities to control your system from your smart phone.

  • Free technical support to answer any questions that may arise by phone.  If at any time you want a professional to come to your home to help you complete the installation, that service is also available for a small cost.  



FAQ's About EMC Security's DIY Self Install System

What is included in the self-install system?

The kit includes everything you need to keep your home protected: a wireless panel, 3 door/window sensors, a motion detector, a key fob, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Can I add equipment and options to my self install system?

The following options are available: - Additional sensors and motion detectors - Fire and carbon monoxide (installation required) - Cell network connection - Home automation - Video cameras

How much does monitoring cost?

Monitoring starts at just $16.95/mo. Our central stations are CSAA 5-Diamond certified and work simultaneously 24/7 for the highest level of dual protection.

What is the length of the agreement?

As long as you want! We do not require contracts so you are in control of how long you wish to monitor your system.

Can I control it with my phone?

This system is ideal as a hub for all interactive services including alarm activation, cameras, and smart-home controls.

Is the control panel data locked?

Unlike other popular self-install systems on the market, our equipment is portable and non-proprietary.

What if I need help on installation?

We designed the kit to be as easy to install as possible. You will receive written instructions and a video guide but if you need help, we are just a phone call away.

Is customer service and tech support available?

EMC Security has the highest quality customer service and technical support professionals located right here in Suwanee, GA.

Our Customers Tell the Story

“We had called other companies, but they didn't seem interested in our business. Very surprised with quality of the system we got for the price paid. Very professional system! EMC is an A company. I will recommend you to anyone that asks.” R.S. - Marietta


"I have been a customer for 6 years and “never ever ever ever ever….” had any issues with EMC. They are always prompt to answer the phone and ready to assist 24/7 and I love the customer service they provide. I insist that they are by far the best security company I have ever had!"  M.R. - Atlanta

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