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Take it from a security company, false alarms are never fun. There's nothing like feeling prepared for anything only to find that anything turned out to be nothing.


However, the problem is worse than it may first appear. Not only are false alarms a nuisance, they often carry expensive fees and are also a waste of public resources when they tie up emergency personnel. At EMC Security, we get it and we do our best to help our customers prevent and avoid those pesky false alarms.


We've outlined our top 10 tips below for ensuring your system only sends a signal when absolutely necessary.


1. Only give out keys and alarm codes to necessary people.

2. Provide adequate training for all system users and do periodic refresher training sessions with family and system users.

3. Make sure all users know how to arm and disarm the system and what to do if they trip the security system.

4. If you have motion detectors, make sure there are no balloons, drapes, or signs that may move in front of them and cause a false alarm. Be especially aware of forced air heating/cooling vents and ceiling fans.

5. Call EMC Security if you think your system is not working properly to schedule an inspection

6. Replace old alarm systems with more up to date equipment every 10 years.

7. Make sure everyone knows the procedures for calling to cancel a false alarm. Have the phone number to the EMC Monitoring Response Center handy. Post magnets and stickers with the EMC Security Monitoring Center number.

8. Instruct all users to disarm the alarm system as soon as they cause a false alarm. If they do not have the disarm code, or they have problems disarming the system, have them call the EMC Security monitoring center right away. Remember, they will need to have their password to cancel the alarm signal with us.

9. Communicate with EMC Security when you will be traveling. Let us know when you are leaving, when you are coming back and who, if anyone, should be in your home during that time.

10. Notify EMC Security if you have any work being done on your phone or if your power is going to be down.


Keep the following contact information handy:

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If you have any follow-up questions regarding these tips, please contact us using the information above and we will be happy to help.


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