The Evolution of Locks


What are Smart Locks?

Keys are simple devices that have been people have used for thousands of years to open and close locks. These inexpensive and easy to use tools have always existed as popular instruments for securing locks and protecting valuables.

Although the lock mechanism has constantly evolved, only recently did it become technical enough to exist independent of keys altogether. Thanks to modern home security technology, homeowners are now able to enjoy the convenience of a keyless entry home.


What does a smart lock do?

EMC Security offers powered smart locks which provide you keyless access control from a numerical keypad. You can unlock and lock it from your couch, your car or from work.

Goodbye keys.  Hello smart locks.


Why choose an EMC Security-powered smart lock?

When installed as part of an EMC Security home security system, a smart lock gives you awareness and peace of mind. If you’re out running errands or stuck in traffic on your way from work, your kids can use the could to enter their home when they arrive.


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