Effective September 1, 2017 the City of Sandy Springs implemented a false alarm ordinance for all Sandy Springs residents who have a monitored alarm system in their home or business. This ordinance requires all alarm companies to register their customers with the City of Sandy Springs.  

The ordinance also requires alarm companies to collect any assessed false alarm fees from their customers and remit them to the City of Sandy Springs, on behalf of their customers.  The current fine structure, set by the City of Sandy Springs, is as follows: 

Intrusion/Burglary Alarms:

  • 1st false alarm- $25
  • 2nd false alarm- $150
  • 3rd false alarm- $250

Fire, Panic, Hold up, Duress Alarms:

  • $250 each

As indicated on the City of Sandy Springs website, the alarm ordinance has been amended again, and this amended ordinance will become effective on June 19, 2019. This latest amendment will require an additional level of verification (audio or video) for any intrusion alarm dispatch after that date.  A complete copy of the ordinance is available for review at  www.sandyspringsga.gov  under the Public Safety Section.

EMC Security is committed to helping our customers in Sandy Springs to minimize exposure to large false alarm fines. 

Effective immediately, we have enhanced our alarm response procedure to help reduce the chance of large alarm fines.  Sandy Springs residents will automatically be enrolled in our newest state of the art Text Notification Alert service. 

This service will deliver a text notification to everyone on the emergency call list, enabling everyone to chat together, request immediate dispatch, or cancel an alarm, right from the text function. If no response action is received during the text communication, EMC Security will continue the dispatch process, calling up to three contacts listed on the emergency call list as notification of the alarm received. There is no charge to our customers in Sandy Springs for this text notification technology and enhanced calling procedure.


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