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How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

A few years ago, our water heater started leaking.  Since it's located in the basement, and at the time we weren't spending much time down there, the damage was pretty extensive when we finally noticed.  If something like this has happened to you, then you know how devastating a home flood can be.  Not only does water cause damage, but the potential for mold is often an even bigger issue long-term. 

According to Insurance Journal Magazine, non-weather related water damage claims are the 2nd most common home claims at 19% (wind/hail is the most common at 25%). Every year, more than 2.5 million homeowners report water damage, resulting in approximately $6 billion in preventable losses. The most common cause of damage is aging and faulty plumbing.

While insurance may help with the cost of repairs, it will not fully replace your property or alleviate the hassle and anguish caused by a devastating interior flood.

Below are some basic ways to protect your home from significant water damage:

DIY Home Water Detection

  • Check your water bill.  If it's unusually high, you might have a water leak.

  • Check your pipes and appliances for surrounding water. 

  • Look for cracked or worn wood flooring.

  • Inspect water valves for wear.

  • Look for stains on walls and ceilings directly below bathrooms.

  • Look for water leaks on exposed drain pipes in the basement or crawl space.

  • Listen for dripping in the house.


Install a Passive Leak Detection System

  • Easy to install, inexpensive sensors that detect water and sound an alarm.

  • Place a sensor where leaks are possible.  

  • If water is detected, the base station will sound an alarm.

  • You must be home to hear the alarm.  


WaterBug System Connected to Your EMC Security System

  • Each unit has sensors on the bottom that sound a loud alarm when they come in contact with dampness.

  • Since the unit communicates with your security system, the central monitoring station will get the alert signal.

  • You will be notified immediately of the potential threat and prevent costly damage.  

  • Extremely useful near water heaters, toilets, sinks, washing machines, and crawl spaces.


The WaterCop Systems

  • These systems go a step beyond the WaterBug by automatically turning off the main water supply to the home at the first sign of a leak.

  • The WaterCop Leak Stop option is a single-point leak detection system that turns off water to the leaking device only.

  • Installation required by a qualified plumber.

  • Ask EMC Security for more details.  




Give EMC Security a call to prevent water damage in your home today!  


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