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It's that time of year again. Door-to-door home security sales people are walking our neighborhoods, some attempting to scam you.

Our office has received reports of door-to-door solicitors from pushy security companies using underhanded tactics to trick homeowners into switching companies.

If you experience a security sales person at your door, don't let them in the house! Report any suspicious door-to-door activities to authorities and call us at 770-963-0305 if anyone is claiming to be a representative of EMC Security. We will NEVER send someone to your home without a previously arranged appointment.

Below are tips for recognizing scammers and what you should do in the event you encounter a door-to-door security sales person.

  • Don't let anyone into your home unless you have an appointment. Some scam artists go to great lengths to convince you of their employment by creating false ID's and uniforms, and it's easy to accept their word...but don't! You can't trust that they are who they say they are, so don't let them in your house.

  • Ask for a physical address for the company.  Legitimate security companies will have a street address. If you don't see an address listed on the sales information or brochures, ask where the company is located.

  • Avoid pushy, pressured sales pitches.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you hear a pitch to purchase a security system that includes phrases like "today's special price", "one time only," or "free", the salesperson may be trying to pressure you into signing an expensive, long-term contract.

  • Verify the information before you sign anything.  Many door-to-door security sales people use underhanded methods and false accusations about the homeowner's current security company. Don't believe what you're told without verifying it on your own.

  • Know your rights concerning contracts.  In Georgia, contracts for sales, leases or rental goods for homes are entitled to a 3-day "cooling off" period, where the buyer is allowed to think about their purchase and compare prices for similar goods. Check this state website for more details.


With Security Scammers on the Prowl in Georgia, There are More Reasons Than Ever Why You Need a Video Door Bell

June Newsletter

Video doorbells allow you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door whether you're in your kitchen or across town.

You can easily keep track of visitors to the home, package delivery, or loved ones coming and going from the house. So if a door-to-door sales person comes knocking, you can communicate with him or her from anywhere you are, without risking your safety.

  • Hard-wired or battery power option

  • Two-way voice

  • Full color night vision

  • Motion detection

  • Silent mode to turn off the doorbell chime

EMC Security offers the Skybell, which integrates with the Honeywell Total Connect security app, and the Ring video doorbell, which has a free stand- alone app. Both are terrific options for greater control, convenience, and safety.

June Newsletter

As you travel this summer, be aware of free wi-fi. Many hotels, travel stops, restaurants, and other public places are likely to provide free wi-fi. However, "free" wi-fi doesn't mean "secure" wi-fi.

Public wi-fi networks are inherently more exposed than the ones at your home or workplace. It can be tempting to click through whatever welcome screens appear, but you should be very careful to check what you're signing up for.

Some public wi-fi networks are set up by marketing firms who are willing to give you some bandwidth in return for an email address and phone number.  It's a good idea to stick to advertised, official wi-fi networks that have been set up by the coffee shop, airport, hotel or whatever venue you're in.

Here are some tips for wi-fi safety:

  • The green padlock that appears in your browser's address bar when you're on a secure connection is even more important when you're on public wi-fi. Think twice before doing anything important across an unsecured connection, because it's going to be much easier for someone else on the same network to grab the data that's transferred.

  • If you're connected on your phone, it's better to use a mobile browser than an app, because browsers are more fussy when it comes to checking and verifying these HTTPS connections.

  • Don't download or install anything from a public connection.

  • Log out of websites when you're finished with them. To reduce risk, instruct your laptop or smartphone to 'forget' the network after you've left.

  • Do not type in passwords, usernames, credit card details or anything else that could be of use to someone else who might be scanning the same network.

Lately, bigger and more established free wi-fi providers are making efforts to minimize security risks. Don't be afraid to get connected while you're out and about, just make sure you know what you're doing.

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