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A recent blog post by Robert Siciliano, an identity theft expert, details the myriad of problems that can arise when parents post family photos or videos on social media. It issues some particularly stern warnings against posting pictures of children. Unfortunately, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites popular with teens have become trolling places for pedophiles, and only one photo of a child, however innocent, can set off an obsession that becomes dangerous.

It's not hard for a social media and computer-savvy criminal to track down the location of that child and their family. The same can be said for criminals intent on home robberies. Posting pictures of your valuables can tempt thieves to find your home and steal your belongings.

How can homeowners and parents stop the flow of information to the public?

If Facebook is your social media platform of choice, learn Facebook's privacy settings and set them as high as you are comfortable. Go here to learn more about how to set your audience for your posts. You can learn more about privacy settings at Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat at these highlighted links, too.

Don't forget—it's possible for you to post pictures that go to a very specific audience. On Facebook, you can choose to post to as many or as few of your friend's timelines as you want, and you can block some friends from seeing your posts. You have to create this action with every post, but it will stem the spread of your personal images to strangers.

Of course, if you hesitate before you post, the best course of action is not to post at all. If you want to save the image, create a hard copy of the photo and a photo album. You can share photos digitally via photo-share sites such as Dropbox, too; again, be aware of your privacy settings.

And we know it's hard when you're excited about a vacation, but resist the temptation to use location tracking services and post pictures on social media while you're away from home. Re-read our post about how your social media updates can cost you thousands of dollars. Make sure to ARM YOUR ALARM on your security system before you set off on a trip, whether it's to Hawaii or the local mall. EMC Security is home when you're not, providing 24/7 monitoring for intrusion, fire, and smoke in our center in Suwanee, Georgia. If you want the alarm monitoring company in Georgia with the fastest response times, call us at 770-963-0305 today or visit our website. Want to know what others are saying about us? Read our customer reviews at Angie's List or

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