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Online reviews are very important to both consumers and businesses. More consumers are seeking online word-of-mouth opinions via sites such as Yelp and Kudzu. So how do you write an online review that reflects your authentic experience—good or bad—without sounding like a cheerleader or a whiner?


State the crucial details.

The relevant facts to your experience—the date, the time, the product you ordered or bought and the manner in which it was delivered—are what other consumers are looking for when they read your review. Unless the weather, your mood or your clothing is important to your experience, don’t include those details. Think of your review as a news report, not a blog post or feature story.


Be concise.

One paragraph (three to five sentences) is plenty of information for a consumer on an internet search to read and comprehend.


Be honest.

If your experience was so genuinely pleasurable that you want to tell others about it, then tell your readers the one thing that put your experience over the top and made you happy. And conversely, if your experience was genuinely awful, state the critical fact that made you want to share the caveat with other readers.


Gather your thoughts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing highest praise or stinging criticism–step back, organize the points you want to make, and then start writing. Inaccurate statement of facts, such as the wrong location or employee’s name, can render both positive and negative reviews outdated and pointless.



Once you’ve thoughtfully stated the relevant facts in a concise manner, and you’ve been honest and accurate, your opinion will carry some weight with the public. Tell the reader why you would or wouldn’t recommend this service or product. Re-state any caveats of your particular experience, and (if you’re willing,) offer to discuss your experience offline. It’s also a good time to point out why your experience was unique, and that other reader’s experiences may vary.



Reviews are often written anonymously, and there is no way for a company to identify a reviewer by their reviewer name or title. Good companies will respond, and will ask for an opportunity to assist with the issue.  Respond by contacting the company representative listed on the response.  If the company does help, and makes it right, update your review with the outcome.



Whether it’s glowing praise or an honest criticism, we appreciate the time our customers take to write an online review. It gives us an opportunity to hear from you and to make the services at EMC Security better. Leave a question or comment on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages, or write a review on Kudzu. We’d love to hear from you!



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