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The EMC Security monitoring center received a medical alert pendant alarm at 3:10pm on Sunday, October 20th.  The customer who lives in Athens, Georgia was cleaning a guest room on the 2nd floor of her home when she suddenly began to feel as if she could not stand up.  She pressed the button on the medical alert pendant to speak with an EMC Security monitoring center operator for help.  Speaking directly to the operator through the pendant, the customer was able to tell the operator that she felt dizzy and disoriented while cleaning a guest room in  her home.   The customer explained that she didn’t know what was happening and that she did not have the strength to stand up.  Seconds after making the call the customer collapsed at home while on the line with the operator.  The operator quickly dispatched Emergency Medical Technicians to the Athens home and continued to trying to speak with the customer even after realizing that the customer was unconscious.   The operator spoke with a Clarke County operator who confirmed that it was indeed a medical alert incident. When EMTs arrived at the home, they found the customer lying unconscious on the floor.  The EMTs were able to immediately transport her to the nearest hospital to get her the medical attention needed.

Thankfully, this customer had the EMC Medical Alert system.  It is important to mention how the EMC Medical Alert pendant specifically aided this customer during this medical emergency.  The customer was on the second floor of her home when the medical emergency occurred.  Because she constantly wears the medical alert pendant, she was able to push the button on the pendant right at the time she began to feel dizzy and speak directly with an operator for help.  If the customer were using a different medical alert system, such as the Life Alert medical alert system,  the customer would have to be in close distance to the stationary base unit to be able to clearly communicate with an operator.  This means that the person would have to scream hoping that she were loud enough for someone to hear her if she was not in the same room as the base unit.  Who knows what could have happened to the customer had she only used a system such as the Life Alert system and was not in the same room as the base unit.  It is likely that no one would have heard her which means she may have lay there for hours before anyone could find her.

What makes the EMC Medical Alert Pendant different and far more superior to other medical alert systems is that it is powerful enough to cover up to a 5,000-square-foot home and goes wherever the customer goes.  One never knows when or where a medical emergency will occur with in the home.  At the time of the emergency, this customer was in a room in which she does not go very often which is why it was so important that she was able to directly communicate with the operator through the EMC Medical Alert pendant from anywhere inside the home.

Please never underestimate the need for a medical alert system as well as the practical functions of the system.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact 770-963-0305 to speak with a representative about the EMC Medical Alert system.



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