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The Affordable Solution for Aging in Place

When The Medical Alert Button is Not Enough

When the Medical Alert button is not enough, Wellness offers a secure cost effective option for independent living. By using Wellness, you can discover the peace of mind that comes with having complete insight into the daily routines and activity inside the home of your aging loved one.

Wellness works by tracking activity and behavior, charting the data to establish patterns, compiling easy to understand charts and graphs on the mobile app, and alerting you of any unusual behavior that could cause an emergency. Wellness users find peace of mind with the ability to peek into the daily lives of loved ones without being intrusive.


It's Time for Wellness When:

  • Your family member is not ready for assisted living but needs someone watching out for them.

  • A family member has had a recent illness that requires extra care, but can’t afford expensive assisted living.

  • You worry that something has happened when your family member has not stayed in touch.

  • You want a safety net for active and healthy aging family members.

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Benefits of Wellness

  • More than an emergency button – a complete 24/7 safety net

  • Maintain privacy and independence in the comfort of home

  • Ease your worries with real-time notifications

  • Know if Mom got out of bed this morning

  • Be notified when Dad went out for his morning walk

  • It’s Affordable!  Monthly fee is less than most home health-care providers’ hourly rate

Benefits of Wellness

Real Time Data

Once sensors are placed around the living areas of your loved one's home, the system goes to work collecting real-time sensor data to establish routine activity patterns such as:

  • Nighttime disruptions

  • Sleep patterns

  • Wandering or sedentary lifestyle patterns

  • Atypical eating habits

  • Irregular bathroom activities

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Notifications and Alerts

Stay Informed....Get Peace of Mind

If the data is inconsistent with an expected activity (previously assigned by you), you will receive an instant notification through the smart-phone app. 

Notifications and Alerts

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