How does the EMC In- Home Medical Alert Work?

With a push of the button on a pendant or the centrally located base station an Emergency Response Specialist will contact you through the powerful speaker system in the base station.

What is the operating range of the system?

EMC Medical Alert pendants have a range of 600 ft from the base station.  That’s the length of 2 football fields or coverage of about 3 acres.  However, you communicate with the Response Center through the base station.  If you cannot be heard, our Response Specialist will call your home.  If you do not answer the phone, they will contact EMS and notify your emergency contacts.

Who monitors the medical alert alarm signals?

Our Response Specialists are in a National Response Center dedicated to handling Medical Emergencies.  The facility has state of the art equipment and systems to assist with any medical emergency in the most efficient manner possible.  It is fully redundant (with multiple backup systems) and meets or exceeds the highest standards in the industry. 

After you call a contact person or EMS to help do you hang up?

No.  Our trained Emergency Response Operators will stay on the line with the individual until help walks through the door.

How can I wear the pendant?

The EMC Medical Alert Pendant can be worn around the neck or optional wrist band.

Can I wear the medical alert pendant in the shower?

Yes.  The pendant meets Water Spray Standard IPX5 (Fire Hose Rated).

How many pendants can you use in a single household?

The system can support up to 8 pendants on one base unit.

What if the power goes out?

The EMC Medical Alert has a rechargeable battery backup system that will operate the system for approximately 24 hrs.

Who installs the EMC Medical Alert?

The EMC Medical alert comes with an easy to follow Quick Install Guide for self installation.  However, professional home installation is available in certain areas for a nominal fee.

How do I purchase the EMC In-Home Medical Alert?

Only $129.00 Plus S&H with $16.95 per month no contact monitoring>

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