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Ideal for those that stay mostly at home, the In-Home Pendant is a terrific option.  This emergency pendant allows you to communicate your needs directly, instantly, and efficiently via voice-to-voice communication inside your home.   

Push one button, from anywhere in your home (or even outside in the yard), to talk to our local monitoring station 24 hours a day who can get you the help you need.

How it Works

For immediate help, simply touch the big blue button on your EMC Security Medical Alert pendant. This will put you in direct, voice-to-voice contact a certified, 24-hour emergency response technician. It’s that easy.

EMC Medical Alert Pendant offers the BEST RANGE in the industry:

How it Works

With a standard personal emergency response system, the person wearing the pendant is limited by the location of the base station because they have to be within “range” to hear the central station talking to them. If they are too far away, they cannot hear, or more importantly, explain what the emergency is!
The EMC Security Medical Alert Pendant will allow you to communicate your needs directly, instantly, and efficiently from within many hundreds of feet of your base station. The system should cover an average home including the front, back and side yards.



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