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Protect Your Home While You’re Away This Holiday Season

Friday, December 19th, 2014

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Are you taking a vacation that lasts a week—or longer—during the holidays? Lucky you! Traveling this time of year is festive and fun. However, at the end of an extended journey, there’s no place like home. EMC Security has all the security and monitoring solutions you need to keep your home safe, but there are a few other ideas that can deter thieves during this active time of year. It’s also important to take steps to protect your home from fire and flood while you’re away. Put these home security and safety tasks on your vacation “to-do” list!

DO recruit another pair of eyes to watch your house. A trusted friend, neighbor or relative should be willing to check on your pets, pick up your mail, and perform any other daily home routines. Make sure you leave them your contact information in case of emergency, and instructions on how to do simple tasks such as shutting off your main water valve in case of a flood. It may sound like a lot to ask of them, but remember—you can always return the favor.

DON’T post about your trip on social media. It’s tempting to brag about your condo’s spectacular beach view, but wait until you’ve returned home with a tan. The viral nature of Facebook and Twitter posts pushes your content out to as many eyes as possible. Even if you think you have your accounts locked down tight, those posts may be seen by someone whose intent isn’t to “like” your post, but to take advantage of your absence.

DO ask the police to drive by your home. Many Atlanta-area police departments offer to send a squad car to check on your property while you’re away. Go to your local police force’s website and see if they offer a “vacation watch form,” “vacation notification,” or other way to request a visit while they’re on patrol. You may also want to notify your neighborhood watch about your plans, too.

DO move your valuables out of sight. Move computers, electronics, and jewelry away from windows. You could close your curtains and blinds, but sometimes that’s a sign to a thief that the house is unoccupied behind those curtains.

DON’T leave your lights on 24/7. Set multiple timers to turn lamps on at random times, and use common sense when setting timers. For example, you won’t want timers to come on in a bedroom at night. With EMC Security’s home automation systems, you can control all that from your mobile phone or tablet with the press of a button!

DO unplug your appliances. It reduces the possibility of a short circuit sparking a flame.

DON’T turn your heat off. Atlanta may be experiencing winter chills, but it’s a good idea to keep your heat on even if you’re not at home. During an extended vacation, pipes can freeze if the weather turns nasty. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to check pipes, valves and faucets for leaks, too.

Of course, the best vacation crime precaution is to arm your alarm from EMC Security! We provide 24/7 monitoring from our center in Suwanee, and our systems feature the latest technology with absolutely no contract required. Find out about all the services we provide for one low cost when you call 770-963-0305. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask them here, or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Fast Facts About our In-House Customer Support Center

Friday, October 24th, 2014

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We’re proud that EMC Security is a local company in the Atlanta and North Georgia area, owned by three of our state’s largest and member-owned electrical companies. We’re even prouder that we can call Suwanee, Georgia home. Our local UL-listed, 5-Diamond certified central station is state-of-the-art, and provides our customers the fastest response time available. However, we also offer another level of service—a service department where a live person can help you with non-emergency questions about your system. Here are some details about what this in-house service can do to help you:

–     Handle service calls from customers with questions about their system

–     Assist in changing the system’s chime tone or code

–     Walk customers through the steps of determining the “source” of any beeping sounds. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a dead transmitter battery. If that’s the case, you can come to our offices and pick up your battery for free!

–     Changing the keypad code

–     Add or change a key code so that service people and other friends or family will have their own entry code

The in-house service department is a good option for customers with a question that may not require a call from a service technician. Why pay for an in-home service call when your question may be handled over the phone? We at EMC Security make sure that our call center staff has received the highest certified training possible and are always ready to help. By having our in-house technician walk you through a few steps before a service tech may need to be summoned, it can save you money and time spent waiting for someone to arrive at your house.

Our in-house customer support is available to handle calls during our regular business hours Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Call us at 770-963-0305 or 706-543-4009 with your questions. And don’t forget, we’d love to chat with you on non-emergency topics via our Facebook page.

Fire Protection Saves EMC Security Customer's Home

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

On September 27th, the EMC Security monitoring center in Suwanee, Georgia received a fire alarm at 9:39am from the home of a customer located in Smyrna, Georgia. The monitoring center immediately contacted the customer and dispatched the fire department to the house.  The monitoring center received an update at 10:21am that there had indeed been a fire at the customer’s home.  The fire was under control and the fire department was opening windows and doors to ventilate the house.  The customer was on site with the fire department at that time and no one was injured.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and fire protection was included in this Smyrna customer’s home security system, which is likely what  prevented the home from completely burning down.  This actual customer story is a prime example of why it one should consider including fire protection as a part of their home security system to help protect their home and their lives.

Real Life Stories from the Monitoring Response Center

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

EMC Security has always believed that alarm systems provide peace of mind and are an excellent way to deter burglars, detect fire, and help with medical emergencies.  The actual response stories below show how the security systems of EMC Security customers work to protect the lives and property of our customers here in Georgia. Please read these stories so you can be aware of when and where they are happening.  Always be sure to arm your system everyday and test your system regularly.


Medical Alert Alarm Received,  Tragedy Avoided

Danielsville- On 8/12/2011 EMC Security monitoring received a medical alert alarm at 6:03p.  The customer accessed the alarm and the call.  The customer indicated she was feeling dizzy and was on her bathroom floor.  The monitoring center initiated dispatch at 6:04p.  The monitoring center representative stayed on the line with the customer– advising her to stay sitting.  The monitoring center also contacted  the customer’s daughter at 6:08p who indicated she would meet units at the home. The customer indicated that she has high blood pressure and could not remember when she took her medicine.  She was experiencing dizziness and tingling in her legs and feet and that she felt like she was going to pass out. Paramedics arrived on site at 6:27p.  A key point to make in this story is that this customer’s medical alert device was installed only four days prior to this emergency.

Smoke Detected, House Fire Prevented

Snellville- On 6/18/2011 EMC Security monitoring  received a Smoke / Heat Detector Alarm at 11:23am.  The monitoring station immediately contacted the homeowner and dispatched the fire department and they found that someone in the home had left a pot on the stove where all of the liquid had boiled out of it. If they had not gotten back to the home when they did, the home could have caught fire.  The customer is very happy with the way the alarm was handled by EMC Security.  The customer is very happy with the way the alarm was handled on our part.

Small Business Burglary Avoided, DNA Evidence Left at Crime Scene

Athens- On 8/8/2011 EMC Security Monitoring Center received an alarm at 12:57am from a business customer in Athens. When contacted, the business owners stated that perpetrators smashed the front window and smashed a glass showcase.  When they smashed the glass showcase, it appeared that the perpetrators had badly cut themselves and there is blood going all the way to the parking lot.  The owners determined that nothing was taken, possibly because the perpetrators injured themselves.  There was a lot of blood loss.  The alarm was sound and working.   The customer sounded very happy that nothing was taken and sounded content about his alarm system.  He said he was in a way lucky because it could have been much worse.

Confirmed Break-In, Losses Avoided

Stone Mountain- On 5/13/11 at 10:50am EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the home of an EMC Security customer in Stone Mountain.  The Hall Motion Detector and Kitchen Door sensor had detected movement .  EMC Security called the customer and dispatched Dekalb County Police  at 10:52am.  The customer called back and advised that someone did break into her home.  A glass pane in the kitchen door was broken out, the beds in two bedrooms had the sheets stripped off of them and dresser drawers had been gone through.  At this time she is not aware of anything missing.  The customer had a new laptop on the dining room table with some cash that was untouched.

Small Business Break-in Thwarted

Gainesville- On 4/14/11 EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the business of a commercial customer of EMC Security in Gainesville had a break in.  After calling and speaking with the customer, it was determined that nothing was stolen from business.  The customer believes that security system scared the perpetrator away. Customer was very happy with response and performance of security system.

Medical Emergency Response Within Minutes

Duluth- On 2/2/11 EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the residence of an EMC Security customer in Duluth.  EMC Security immediately called the home and a neighbor answered phone requesting paramedics to the location.    The EMC Security customer had fallen and was unable to move the entire right side of her body.  The paramedics were dispatched to residence and were able to get to the customer in time.  The monitoring center representative remained on the phone with the customer until the paramedics arrived.

Medical Pendant Alarm, Paramedics Arrived Within Minutes

Athens- On 1/5/11 EMC Security central monitoring station received medical pendant alarm from the home of an Athens Customer at 7:48am.  The monitoring center immediately called the home and spoke to the customer who stated she was having pain in her shoulder and her chest.  The monitoring station representative stayed on the phone with her and dispatched the paramedics.  EMC Security stayed on the phone with her until paramedics arrived.The ambulance arrived at the customer’s residence at 8:04a.

Medical Pendant Used to Respond to Injury

Monroe- On 6/10/2010, EMC Security received a Medical Alert at 1:45p. The monitoring station representative called premise and spoke to the EMC Security in Monroe who stated that one of her guests had hit her head and was lying down and experiencing pain, drowsiness and numbness. The monitoring station representative contacted 911 while remaining on the line with the customer. Dispatch indicated that this had already been called in via 911 and that units were already in route. The representative requested that the customer stay on the line with her until help arrived. Units arrived at 1:55p.  The customer indicated that she was not sure who called 911 – she hit the medical alert button that was a part of her EMC Security system.

Burglary Attempt, Suspect Apprehended

Atlanta- On 6/1/2010 EMC Security received an alarm this morning from the front door of an EMC Security customer in Atlanta at 8:20a, after attempts were made to contact the premise the monitoring representative attempted to dispatch the Police Dept.  The operator at Fulton County Police Department stated that the officers are already on scene from an unknown caller who called in about someone attempting to steal the home owners AC unit.  The monitoring representative inquired about the alarm and if the burglar ever entered the premise, the operator stated that according to the notes from the officers on scene entrance was never made to the location.  The operator stated that the suspect was apprehended by the Police Dept and is in custody.



No Never Sounded So Good!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

No Contract, No Hidden Fees, No Hassle

Here’s a time when the word NO is a good thing. EMC Security customers get an invaluable service for less than $20 a month, with no monthly contract, no hidden fees and no hassle from salespeople suggesting products that you don’t need.

Starting at $16.95 a month, EMC Security offers a variety of protection services to meet your needs.

How You’re Covered

Offering the exclusive SecurePath™ technology, EMC Security can help protect your home using three different ways to communicate with your home system- phone line, internet connection, and wireless signal. All three lines of communication can connect your home to EMC Security’s central monitoring station in Suwanee, Georgia. and a redundantly monitored station in Gainesville, Florida.

With SecurePath, customers can control their system from a computer or smart phone, making it easy to arm or disarm a system from outside their home. They can also receive text messages and email notifications whenever their system is armed, disarmed or set off.

What’s Covered

Fire, flood or intrusion, EMC Security has you covered. If you’re unhappy with the cost of your current monitoring company or have a security system that needs monitoring, make the switch and see the difference in EMC Security. Home security systems are monitored by a 24-hour state-of-the-art facility that’s 5-Diamond certified approved by Underwriter’s Laboratory for both intrusion and fire alarms. Plus, EMC Security won’t tie you into a long-term contract, in fact, there is no contract.

Monitoring service starts at just $16.95 a month. “Not only do we want to protect your belongings, we want to protect your wallet too,” says Vince Raia, EMC Security president. “Our customers have not had a price increase in over 12 years.”


Who’s Covered

You don’t have to be an EMC member to get EMC Security. Serving members from the city skyline to the North Georgia mountains, EMC Security offers the best in quality residential and commercial service. In addition, you’ll get the benefit of the cooperative business model standing behind your security company. Cooperatives are member-owned and place value on service instead of stock shares.

“EMC Security is owned in equal parts by the electric utility companies of Jackson EMC, Walton EMC and GreyStone Power,” states Raia. “The companies have each provided almost 70 years of service to Georgia residents. It’s been a goal of EMC Security to continue the tradition of providing the best customer service possible.”

Minding Your Business

Minding your business is our business. Multi-million dollar businesses and commercial facilities trust EMC Security to monitor their facilities. Whether it’s video surveillance, access control or intrusion detection, EMC Security takes a comprehensive approach to providing advanced integration solutions to meet the security needs of various business types. Offering smart solutions from the best equipment manufacturers in the security industry, EMC Security offers also offers commercial customers fire and life safety and advanced video technology.

CALL EMC SECURITY TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION, 770-963-0305 or 706-543-4009, or contact us today via e-mail.