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Atlanta’s Summer Lightning Storms Can Cause a Surge in Attic Fires

Thursday, August 7th, 2014
Credit: Wikimedia

Credit: Wikimedia


Lightning storms can strike fear into anyone out in the elements, but they can be particularly troubling for Atlanta, Georgia homeowners. Because of the housing density and urban heat islands that often spawn changes in thunderstorms, the odds that lightning can strike your home may increase. And what’s the highest, most vulnerable point in your home? The attic.

Although most attic fires are due to electrical malfunction, a lightning strike can wreak havoc in an attic. Electrical systems in attics are so often “out of sight, out of mind” that a frayed wire which could cause a spark to light may not be discovered until it’s too late. What preventive measures can Atlanta homeowners take? Here are three things firefighters suggest:

1. Have your chimney inspected by a professional who will check the interior and exterior of the chimney, including the part running through the attic

2. Check the wiring in your attic, preferably by an electrician, looking for signs of damage, cracked insulation (wire sheathing), and exposed or disconnected wires

3. Look for signs of burning and charring in the insulation and wood


During the summer storm season in Georgia, where two-thirds of all lightning fires occur between June through August, what else can you to prevent attic fires? When lightning is headed your way, stay off of any electrical equipment. Come up with a family plan that makes each family member responsible for unplugging appliances and other equipment—start with computers and landlines, and unplug that expensive HD-TV or stereo equipment. And obviously, don’t go into the attic if you feel or observe a lightning strike near your home. If you smell something burning, get out of your home immediately and call emergency services.


The best preventive step is to add Fire Safety Protection  to your EMC Security system. Your monitoring costs will remain the same, but you’ll get an extra layer of protection against home damage or personal injury due to fire. And best of all, EMC Security  practices a redundant monitoring system, which means two locations are keeping watch on your safety.


Have you checked the August forecast, fellow Atlantans? Be prepared for those intense summer afternoon storms! If you have any questions, leave them here, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. We’ve also got more safety tips posted on Pinterest.



Testimonials from our Roswell Security System Customers

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

EMC Security has proudly provided home security systems, business security systems and 24 hour monitoring services to Roswell, Georgia for more than 11 years. We invite you to look at what our Roswell, Georgia security customers say about their experience with EMC Security:

What our Roswell security systems customers are saying

“We experienced great customer service! The ratings were right on!  We were very satisfied with our sales consultant, our installer, and our alarm system!” William S. – home security monitoring customer, Roswell, GA

“EMC Security was courteous, punctual, and provided an effective design,” Michelle W. – home security monitoring customer, Roswell, GA

“My wife and I followed Clark Howard’s advice on finding an alarm company for our home.  EMC Security fit all of Clark’s requirements perfectly- No Contract, Less than $20 a month monitoring, new system at an affordable price, and UL Listed.  We’re more than happy customers!” Justin J. – home security monitoring customer, Roswell, GA

“When it comes to requesting service, the sales consultant, and the installer, I give EMC Security a 10 on all of those,” Boykin J. – home security monitoring customer, Roswell, GA

Always Great to Hear from Another Satisfied Customer

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

“Mr. Morton,

“I would like to take the time to acknowledge Ted Furth. Mr. Furth visited my home this past weekend to complete an install. He was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable of his work. My existing equipment was previously monitored by another company and he knew everything needed to complete his job and work around the obstacles. Mr. Furth not only removed his shoes upon entering my home (the pile of shoes at the front door alerted him that this is what my family does), but he offered to help me re-hang a back-up smoke alarm that was out of batteries and sitting off to the side. He even returned to my home a second time to make sure things were adequately working because my cable provider had not installed my telephone system properly.

“Unfortunately, I do not experience great customer service as much as I should these days; in fact, both times the cable company came out to my home, their representatives were rude, unfriendly and unknowledgeable about their work (hence the second visit). Frequently we complain about service and seldom do we commend; I wanted to take the time to commend and to let you know that my first experience with EMC Security was a pleasant one. I am happy to be a customer!

Tarcha B. – Suwanee, GA”