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A Second Medical Alert Pendant Saves Customer’s Life!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Recently,  a GreyStone Power customer ordered the EMC Medical Alert system and pendant for her 78 year old mother who lives in Mableton, GA with her 80 year old husband.  She was having balance issues while walking around her home.  When the EMC Medical Alert consultant was installing and demonstrating the system, he explained that up to four 2-way voice medical pendants or emergency wall communicators could be added to the EMC Medical Alert system.  Her husband decided that he also wanted an additional pendant for himself.  One month later the husband activated his pendant after fall falling while home one evening.  He was able to press the button, speak directly through the pendant to an operator who dispatched emergency services to their home right away.  The ambulance was at their home within five minutes.  The man had broken his hip when he fell and was immediately transported to the hospital.   Thankfully, the couple had the EMC Medical Alert system and BOTH of them had pendants of their own.  EMC Medical Alert customers are not limited to one pendant or communicator per system.  Much like this couple needed, customers can have up to four 2-way voice medical alert pendants or emergency wall communicators.  If you have any questions about the EMC Medical Alert System, please contact Ralph Collier, Medical Alert Product Manger at EMC Security, 770-963-0305.

EMC Medical Alert Saves Lives and Helps Families

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Recently, EMC Security’s Medical Alert System Specialist, Ralph Collier, received a call from a customer who had installed the EMC Medical Alert System for his 89 year old mother who lived alone in Gainesville, GA.   Because she recently needed to move to a nursing home facility, her son called to cancel the service.  However, he made a special point to say that during the past 3 months, his mother activated the device on four occasions.  Each time the system worked perfectly saving her life all four times.   He stated that because of the EMC Medical Alert, his mother was able to remain in her home the additional time.  This meant a lot to her and her family.  The pendant gave his mother a sense of security and his entire family peace of mind.     He is very thankful that she had the EMC Medical Alert system while she was still living at home and highly recommends it for anyone who has an elderly loved one that is disabled or lives alone.

EMC Security Medical Alert Pendant Saves Customer

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

December 27, 2011- The EMC Security monitoring center received a personal emergency response alarm from the home of a customer who lives in Gwinnett County.  The customer was home alone working in her garage and began to feel light headed.  At 10:30am, she pressed the button on her medical alert pendant that she was wearing.  Speaking directly through the pendant, she told the operator she was feeling faint and sick and that she had to lie down.  The operator remained on the line with the customer as she lay down in her garage until paramedics arrived to help her.  The monitoring center also immediately contacted a family member who responded to be with her.  The paramedics arrived on site minutes after the monitoring center received the alarm and was able to give the customer the proper medical attention that she needed.  Fortunately, this customer had the medical alert system that she needed and help arrived immediately.  Please never underestimate the need to have a personal emergency response system for a loved one.